Video Case Study (15 points of 100 course points)

Paper due Feb. 28, 2006, although 8 presentations will be on 2/28 and 8 on 3/2.

Select from VHS videotapes of full sessions of art teaching to develop a case study presentation and paper.

I will provide you each with a VHS video from those recorded by previous students who obtained consent to videotape in the public schools from each child, parent, and teacher in the video.

Assessment Rubrics: (Developed by A ED 101S students on 2/2/06.)




  Criteria C grade
(11 points)
B grade
(13 points)
A grade
(15 points)
Adequate Proficient Excellent

Paper (9 of 15 points)

1 point per each of the 8 questions if thorough, which means evidence provided for analysis from video observations and from the course readings and discussions.

1 point for grammar, i.e., quality of writing and course readings or other resources cited to support analysis are properly cited.

Answers half of the questions thoroughly, or most but not thoroughly.

Answers 6 of the questions thoroughly, or all but not thoroughly and/or has a few grammar problems.


Answers all 8 questions thoroughly by providing evidence for your analysis from what you observe in the videos and learned from the course readings and discussions.

No spelling or grammar mistakes and ideas or quotes from readings properly cited.


Presentation (6 of 15 points)

2 points if the video clip chosen is appropriate for the main emphasis in presentation.

2 points if the presentation is an organized summary that follows the paper's content.

2 points if present self with openness and attentiveness to audience, speaks clearly with eye contact, and responds knowledgeable to teacher and peer questions.

Does not have videotape set or does not conceptually link excerpt to analysis, and/or misses some content areas or presentation seems fragmented, or does not engage audience with full self presence and enthusiasm about findings.

Covers points but is not a convincing analysis backed by video clip choice, or is not a clearly organized summary, or is unable to answer questions, or does not present in a way that engages audience.

Excellent presentation of self and content that convincingly presents rationale for video clip chosen to emphasize a key concept and presentation covers the 8 main points of the paper with about 3 minutes left of the 8 minutes for a question or two in which response shows familiarity with the areas of analysis.



Select a 3-minute section to exemplify a key point of your analysis, or you may edit several sections to show a 3-minute edited excerpt. (If you opt to edit the video, here are some resources: A ED 322 how-to site for editing in iMovie or the tutorial prepared by ITS. Additionally, one-on-one assistance for specific computer projects, such as digital or web editing is available in Room 7, Sparks Bldg. No appointment is necessary.)

Be prepared to give about an 8 minute presentation of your case study by showing a 3-minute video excerpt that emphasizes one or more points from your analysis based on the 8 question prompts below, which are derived from the readings and course discussions thus far. You may play up to 8 minutes of video without sound as visual example while you present.


Prepare a written paper that accompanies your presentation, which you post by the beginning of class on 2/28/06 on the ANGEL message board titled, "VIDEO CASE STUDIES" (also upload to your e-portfolio area), and provide a hardcopy to me on 2/28. The paper should address all 8 questions. There is no specifications of length, but double-space the text and number pages.

Guiding questions for the video case study are below. Provide evidence for your responses from what you observe in the videos.

1. What is the curricular emphasis?

2. What is the big idea?

3. What is the purpose/goal/rationale for the art lesson?

4. What motivation strategies are used, and by whom? Are they successful? In what ways?

5. How are the learners being socialized?

6. What are the teacher's values underlying content choices and power relationship with students?

7. What are the social relationships?

8. What is something that surprised you?