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Grading Policy:

In order to earn an A in this class all assignments must be completed and on time. In addition, the work should demonstrate an ongoing process of self reflective synthesis of course content including your individual research and evidence of transformative thinking and learning.

Rubrics are linked to each assignment listed below. The rubrics provide guidance on expectations for A work. Additionally by adding the points you earn for each of the assignments you can determine your grade. If the points equal above 93 you receive an A, 90-93 an A-, 87-89 B+, 84-86 B, 80-83 B-, 77-79 C+, 74-76 C, 70-73 C-, 62-69 D, below 62 a no pass.

Overview of Course Projects & Due Dates

Click on each assignment for more details (such as the guiding questions, evaluation criteria and grading rubrics, and resources to do the project). The assignments are due at the beginning of class unless indicated otherwise in the full descriptions linked to each project listed below. Half credit for late work up to 2 days late, then no credit.
Points Projects Technologies

1. CONCEPTS in Art Education: Teaching, Learning & Social Media
8/29: Blog & Lino set-up & entries on conept
NAEA Interactive Café post (position & power mapping of concept)
9/7: Teach with and about the concept
JC Dialogue Portal response about participatory teaching methodology
12/5: Technologies teaching presentation (reflection)

mapping visual culture
Tactile diagrams
Screen readers
Audio to text translators
Visualization tools
social networking: Blog, Lino ..


2. E-MERGEnt>Self & LOCATING Self as Teacher (due 9/26)
see calendar and assignment for components of the project due dates

Animation: Flash ...
image creation: PhotoShop ...
publishing: YouTube ...


3. WTF? WebQuests & 3D Printing
Draft WQ due

10/26 Final WQ due
Feedback to students (grades 7 & 9) & grades to Teacher

3D Printing
(interactive story app)
Tactile diagrams
Screen readers
Audio to text translators
Web Editor


4. Remix Exquisite Engendering In & Out of Place (due 11/28)

360 degree cameras
collaborative critiques

movie & audio editing

15 5. Curated Exhibition announcement due 11/30 & Find Card due 11/30. Select 5 Find Cards, speak responses on VoiceThread to 5 artworks due 12/7.

collaborative critiques (VoiceThread & OpenSims)

10 6. Course Reflection e-Portfolio due 12/12
Web Editor