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A ED 322: Visual Culture & Educational Technologies

Exquisite Engendering 360-Remix
Opens December 7, 2017

Reception 6:00-8:00 PM
Immersive Experience Lab
105 AG SC Bldg, University Park

For all ages.
Select a Find prompt below & click “comment” to speak or write your comments.


The Producers, Directors, Actors, Artists & Educators: Karen Keifer-Boyd, Grace Collins, Victoria Davenport, Alexis Drobka, Emma Karpinski, Shelby Young.
Guest appearance: Ilayda Altuntas Nott
Identity collages from students in Dr. Martina Paatela-Nieminen's courses at the University of Helsinki in Finland
Thank you to Daniel Getz, Media Specialist and Penn State Media Commons

How to make cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Oher artists who create immersive experiences in which viewers are inside the art:
Char Davies
, Bonnie Mitchell & Elaine Lillios, Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, teamlab's Floating Flower Garden

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Find stories in the video.
Which story stands out the most to you?
How do you relate to that story?

Find a story with which you connect.
How does it relate to you?
How does it relate
to the games?

Invite another to find the characters playing the game of life!
What ideas about gen
der are raised?
Find a game that makes you feel uneasy.
What aspects of the game causes this?
When you imagine yourself playing it, does it have the same effect?
Find a game that you have fond memories.
What is something about that game that you would change? How should it be updated today?

Find an artwork
that reminds you of home.

Why does it remind you of home?

Find ways that you learn about each player's personality.
Which artwork in the Pictionary section of the video seems to match particular players? Why?

Find an artwork that is a contradiction.
What are the opposing forces?
How does the meaning change when paired together?

Find audio that you do not recognize.
Based on its context, what do you think it pertains to, or how do you interpret it? How did it make you feel?
Find statistics shown throughout the video.
Which one struck you the most and why?

Find an artwork that you would like to share.
How would you share this artwork and why

Find a feminist intervention.
What is the intervention?

The FemTechNet Distributed Open Collaborative Course (FTN DOCC) Exquisite Engendering project is a riff on the Dadaist's Exquisite Corpse art process and inspired by Erin Manning's (2007) book, Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty (University of Minnesota Press). Manning describes engendering from Latin roots generrare, to generate. "To engender is to undertake a reworking of form. To engender is to potentialize matter. Engendering involves potentiality at its most fertile: it calls forth the link between the incorporeal and the material, between the virtual and the actual" (p. 90). The process for Fall 2017 is linked here. FTN DOCC Exquisite Engendering processes and exhibitions from prior semesters are linked here: Fall 2015 Exhibition; Spring 2015 exhibition and process; Fall 2014 exhibition and process.


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