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Overlap: Full Circle
Opens December 5, 2018

Reception 6:00-8:00 PM
Immersive Experience Lab
109 Ag Science & Industries Bldg, Penn State, University Park


Click on the image above for a playlist to view six 360-degree videos from students in Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd's Fall 2018 courses:
AED 322 Visual Culture & Educational Technologies
and AED 597/WGSS 597: Including Difference

Click here for a December 5 livestream of a parallel Overlap: Full Circle exhibition of a 360-degree videos and click here for the photo art series on identity by students in a course taught by
Anna K. Lemnitzer, Assistant Professor of Art and Director of Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Thank you to the artists in the Overlap: Life Tapestries Exhibition, Vida Sabbaghi, curator, and the Robeson Gallery.
Thank you to the groups who participated in the encounters with the art in the Overlap exhibition.
hank you to Daniel Getz, Media Specialist and Penn State Media Commons.

For an immersive experience use a virtual reality headset. Linked here is how to make cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Select a Find prompt below & click “comment” to speak or write your comments.

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Log into VoiceThread before clicking on the video or comment link.


Find a video that includes statistics.
Does it surprise you? Why or why not?

Find statistics shown throughout the video.
Which one struck you the most and why?

Find a moment in the video
that reminds you of yourself.
How do you relate to the experiences discussed?

Find a piece of video that makes you upset. What about the audio upsets you and why? 
Find and read one of the tweets in a video. How does this make you think about the Me Too movement? Did you know the Me Too Movement began a decade before the hashtag #MeToo?

Find a moment in the video
that does NOT remind you of yourself.

What does it make you think about how the experiences apply to others? Were you aware of the experiences?

Find a moment in the video surprised you, or taught you something you didn’t know.
Why did it surprise you? What did you learn?
Has what you learned changed your perspective?

Find a work where statistics surprised you.
Did they make you angry?
What was your emotional reaction?
How can we change these statistics?

Find a moment in the video that reminds you of an experience you have had.
How has this experience impacted you?
Was it a positive or negative experience?

Find a moment in the video that a particular quote resonates with you.  
What did they say? Have you had a similar thought or experience? How did the quote resonate with your emotions or experiences?

Find a moment that you understood the divide that genders experience. Was there a time that you or someone you know experienced a sexist act?

Find a moment in the Beauty on Display video that made you view beauty differently.
What aspects of the video impacted your new perceptions of beauty?
How has your perception of beauty changed?
Find a moment in the video
that made you feel hopeful.

What aspect of this video made
you feel hopeful?
and why did it make you feel this way?

Find a moment in the VR that made you feel empowered. Did this moment in the VR experience bring up any unexpected thoughts or memories?

Find a letter read aloud that caught your attention.  
              How does the letter relate it to your life? 
Find a handwriting style
that caught your attention.  

              How did it make you feel?  How has the handwriting affected your mood?

Exhibitions and processes from prior semesters are linked here:
Fall 2017 Exhibition and process; Fall 2015 Exhibition; Spring 2015 exh
ibition and process; Fall 2014 exhibition and process.

Participating Artists in the Overlap: Full Circle Fall 2018 Exhibition at Penn State

Women’s Representation
in Art Exhibitions

Michael Padilla-Nazario

Global Artistic Responses:
#MeToo and the International Creative Coalition

Lauren Stetz introduces an interactive prototype to explore artists’ responses to gender-related violence around the world.

where is my dreaming?

With bold shape and bright color, Chelsea Borgman interprets her mother's dream journal. Shape your own response to your dreams interconnected with others in a mural or individual work that you take home.

Experiences Overlap

Brooke Stouffer

Universal Adapter:
Accessibility & Difference in the New Media Art Classroom

Explore Luke Meeken’s interactive graphic narrative resource for new media art educations seeking to create accessible and empowering learning environments.


Explore a new museum app concept, by Megan Wanttie, designed to present art through interpretative practices of decolonization and to increase accessibility.

I Feel Secure

Jessica Farra

Life/Death, Victim/Survivor, Beauty/Fear

A 360-degree video experience by Tae Hee Kim. Encounter art by Sascha Mallon, Michela Martello, and Martha Wilson in the Overlap: Life Tapestries exhibition. 

Deflecting Societal Mirrors

An ink painting experience in seeking awareness of self by deflecting societal mirrors, Tae Hee Kim uncovers deep inner layers of self.

Art Heals

Katy Lehman

Letters to the Unknown

An interactive VR video encounter between art, artists, and viewers mediated through overlapping technological and manual tools for communication. Created by Alvaro Jordán, Elham Hajesmaeili, and Xalli Zúñiga

Encounters with Linda Stein’s Wonder Woman’s Shadow and Body Shield

Zena Kirby’s research is an exploration of the audio data and handwritten letters created by gallery during the Overlap: Life Tapestries exhibition. Kirby considers the design of pedagogical encounters with feminist art in an analysis of whether the encounters and/or the art elicit feminist critique.

The Pen is Mightier

Brooke Burkhart & Lacie Solt

Three Drawing Conversations

Xalli Zúñiga is a Mexican artist who uses drawing to decolonize the soul by othering the self. Engage with Xalli in drawing conversation

About the Body

Elham Hajesmaeili, in her acrylic paintings, suggests that the human body is a beautiful, smart package with sophisticated functionality. Regardless of the body’s physical functions, the body defines a human being, differently, depending on the particular social context. Skin tones, hair color, and the shape of eyes and lips speak even without talking. What about the body speaks to you?

Beauty on Display

Carolyn Arosell, Maggie Higgins, & Caroline Coady

Full-circle Feminisms

Kathryn Lorde

Deaf Talk Within

Melissa Leaym-Fernandez exhibits two watercolors from a mini-series of six paintings that celebrate the Deaf community in the United States

Engaging Children in Inclusion Dialog through Graphic Narrative

James Howsare, in this project, engages with his children, ages 10 and 16, in dialog facilitated through the use of children’s picture books and graphic novels. The conversations focused on disability, gender, race/racism, and immigration. His two children then co-constructed short graphic narratives regarding these topics. Through the project the children uncovered, disrupted and decentered normative ideologies they have been exposed to throughout their lives.



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