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Curated Exhibition in VoiceThread. Due 11/19.
Exhibition announcement due 11/19.
Find Card due 11/19.
Exhibition opens December 10. Select 5 Find Cards, speak responses on VoiceThread to 5 artworks due 12/10.

1. CURATE & Exhibition Announcement (due 11/19)

Curate: In the role of gallery curator include your exquisite engendering remix, and select 3-5 from Dr. Liao's students. Select several (3-5) to add to your VoiceThread curated exhibition (there will be studio class time to do this on Nov. 17) that includes your remix. Be sure all from Dr. Liao's class are included among the exhibitions by students in the AED 322 class.

Chloe Mahon: (0:43) Hope Remix
Kaylie Maines: (0:57) Feminerf Remix
Andrew Novak: (2:27) Body Image Remix
Kelsi Silliman:
Emily Smith: (3:17) what is #likeagirl?
Shannon Tarr:
Kayla Thompkins: (1:24) Body and Difference: "The Fat Kid"

Below are remixes by UNC students

Peggy McSteen: How do you define body beautiful?
Andrea List: Remix
Brittni Mihalecz: (1:40) Self-Image
Body & Difference Remix Lino canvas

Design an exhibition announcement and publicize. Due 11/19. Draft a curator statement to include with your curated exhibition (post statement in your blog with your curated exhibit in VoiceThread), and include the statement in an exhibition announcement you design. We will print & post exhibition announcements on December 3, prior to the exhibition opening on December 10.

What to include in your exhibition announcement poster: URL for exhibition location to put on your announcement is http://cyberhouse.arted.psu.edu/322/exhibition.html. On your exhibition announcement include: a title, image(s), the time (6:00-8:00 p.m. EST), date/year (December 10, 2015), location of http://cyberhouse.arted.psu.edu/322/exhibition.html and 207 ArtsCottage, University Park, The Pennsylvania State University, and a brief curator statement. You can include more such as the names of the artists, titles of works, etc. Upload your exhibition announcement to the course ANGEL Dropbox (in Lessons tab) by the end of class on 11/19. In your blog post a brief curator statement that will be used in an email in sending out the announcement.

2. FIND CARD (due 11/19)

Create Findcards for 5th graders to respond to in viewing the online exhibition of exquisite engendering remixes. Create a “find card” from the ReMIX/MIXed Reality concepts. A “find card” begins with an open-ended directive or clue of something to “find” in an exhibition and includes a question to respond to once an artwork is chosen. The cards ask the cardholder to work with at least one other person to find what is described on the card. It is a simple idea that involves active searching-moving through space together while looking closely at the artworks in that space. Since the team has to figure out what it is they are looking for there is great effort with a sense of agency extended in communicating about what the card is asking them to find. When they find what they are searching for, then there is typically intense and engaging dialogue regarding interpretations of meaning in responding to the question on the card. Examples are linked here.

3. CRITIQUES using VoiceThread (due by end of class on Dec. 10 in our group exhibition webpage)

Go to the Exhibition at http://cyberhouse.arted.psu.edu/322/exhibition.html to select another's “find card” to guide you to find an artwork. Give your response to the “find card” question by speaking a response in VoiceThread recorder for that particular work. Repeat this process to respond to 5 artworks. Introduce who you are and from which university in each response.