A ED 323: Visual Culture & Art Education: E-PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT involves a compilation of coursework in electronic format and reflections on that coursework. The goal of the assignment is to provide you and me a record of your learning. This electronic record will be ready for selection in A ED 490, the capstone course in which you are to select evidence of learning in your degree program and provide reflection on that learning. The e-portfolio is 10% of the course grade. Provide a CD or DVD by Tuesday, May 8 by 5 p.m. (place in Karen Keifer-Boyd’s mailbox at 207 Arts Cottage, which closes at 5 p.m. & closed between 12-1 p.m.) with the following labeled items in electronic form:


1. Cultural artifact visual and written description of how it conveys your culture and responses to 3 others’ artifacts on what their artifact signifies to you.


2. Photo(s) of your Intertextual House installation and other documentation of the conceptual, physical, and collaborative process of developing the installation, and a self-assessment of your process and product.


3.     An interpretative synthesis of the major issues of the contemporary art and theories introduced in class and the readings.


4.     Dream Video (compressed to Quicktime®)


5.     Lesson Plan based on one of the course themes.


6.     Other items related to the class may be placed on your CD, such as the readings in pdf format that you downloaded from e-reserves, or whatever you would like to organize with the A ED 323 course foci.