Course Calendar for Fall 2003
A ED 490:001 Capstone Course in Art Education (207085) • 2 Credits

T 04:40P - 05:55P • 310 Patterson • Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd




Sept. 9
• Rationales for art education (chair activity)

• Different curricular orientations (questionnaire)

• Discuss Milbrandt article–identifying what is missing from YOUR pre-service preparation

Read for 9/9: Milbrandt, M. (2002). Addressing contemporary social issues in art education; A survey of public school art educators in Georgia. Studies in Art Education: A Journal of Research and Issues, 43(2), 141-157. Access the reading on electronic reserve.

Begin (1) cover letter, (2) resume (example), (3) one or two-page autobiography with a focus on learning/becoming an art educator (example 1, example 2), (4) one or two-page philosophy statement (example 1, example 2) presenting your beliefs about teaching, art, and learners, (5) plan for selected learning with rubrics to self-assess your learning, and (6) plan for professional development activity. Drafts and plans due 9/30 for individual discussions scheduled on Oct. 7-8. Select a 30 minute time-slot for individual meetings & email me best time & an alternative time.

Sept. 16

Guest: Michelle Tillander on teaching art in alternative art settings (e.g., The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts,Virginia's Governor's School for the Arts) Professional Development, Advocacy, and National and State Art Standards and NCATE standards

Read for 9/16: Bullock & Hawk, Part I, Chapters 1-3 (portfolio foundations)

Click here for the A ED Lesson Plan Template that supervising teachers, coordinating teachers, and employers look for in presentation of your art lessons in your portfolio.

Activate your PSU web space. Apply for Penn State personal website by completing and submitting the Web application form. It takes several days to get a site once the request is made. You will need access to your personal website by 9/23.
Sept. 23

Meet in 401 Patterson
Penn State Art Ed undergrad curriculum tapestry

Examples of Penn State Art Ed Student e-portfolios

Bring to class: (1) Curricular questionnaire completed, (2) draft of philosophy of learners, art, and art education, and (3) a zip disk or USB keychain or you can save in the lab's pass disk drive.

Read for 9/23: Bullock & Hawk, Part 2, Chapters 4, 5, & 9.

Sept. 30

Guest: Glenn Johnson on e-portfolios

Read for 9/30: Penn State e-Portfolio Web site and Dr. Klein's e-portfolio site.

DUE: Draft of cover letter, resume,autobiography,& philosophy statement; plan for YOUR selected learning with rubrics; and plan for professional development.

Oct. 7

Accessibility, Safety, & Legal Concerns in the Art Room

Guest: Ermyn King will present "Multisensory Gateways to Art for Persons with Sight Loss and Other Disabilities." This interactive, hands-on session describes three State College, PA-based initiatives using multisensory strategies to enhance arts accessibility for individuals with sight loss and other disabilities.

Individual meetings Oct. 7 (10a.m.—12:30 p.m.) & Oct. 8 (9a.m.—7:30p.m.) Drafts and plans with feedback returned at our meeting.

Oct. 14

Discuss Developing A Teaching Portfolio: Selecting artifacts/evidence & writing reflection statements. Art Educator Resources (Pennsylvania Council for the Arts), Budgets & Grants

• Read for 10/14: Bullock & Hawk, Part 2, Chapters 6-8 (pick-up chapters at Arts Cottage counter)
• Review reflective rubrics
• Prepare creative portfolio cover page and draft YOUR portfolio table of contents (consider collection & selection of artifacts/evidence). Bring both to class.

Oct. 21
Field Trip--meet at the Career Services Bldg, room 234 to learn about Penn State Career Services
Presenter: Marcia Pomeroy

Optional: The College of Arts and Architecture's Career Tips event this year will be Friday, October 24. It is held in the Hintz Family Alumni Center from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. with refreshments included.

Oct. 28

Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Job Interviews in Schools.
Guest: Former principal
, Dr. Wanda B. Knight

Resource: National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse for college students & AVISO Job Bank for Museum Professionals
Nov. 4

Students report on a Professional Development Activity or a PD resource (e.g., organizations, conferences, journals, discussion groups, task forces &/or socio-politcal action groups in their profession). Plan a 10-minute presentation on what you did and learned about professional development. PD is created by members of a profession and is intended for members of that profession.

NAEA (Danielle)
NAEA/PAEA student chapter (Becky)
PAEA conference (Beth)
Listserves (Jason)
Tests for Certification (Heather)
Classroom Discipline (Jake H.)

 Federal & state education policies
Political &/or social action groups (e.g., NAEA, MoveOn, SPARC, ArtStrike, PFLAG, CSTAE Journal or art ed groups: NAEA, CSTAE, EMIG, InSEA, PPAA, USSEA, LGBTIC, WC
Curricula: Spiral & Journals
Discussion Groups (Tapped In) (Art Junction) & Conference tools: World of Diversity
Nov. 11
Continue students' reports on a Professional Development Activity or Resource

CSTAE Journal (Jeremy)
PSEA (Amanda)
Job Fair
& Fall Career Days (Michal)

College Art Association (Jennifer)

Visual Culture Retreat (Ali) PD Grants (Jake P.)
artsednet (Aaron) American Association of Museums (Jaimeson)
Nov. 18
Interview Practice: Sign-up to role-play an employer from a specific curricular orientation and sign-up to present your teaching and learning portfolio in a practice interview applying for an art teaching position.
See job vacancies in Pennsylvania.
In 310 Patterson In 403 Patterson
4:40-5 Philadelphia Middle School (Jeremy) 4:40-5 Philadelphia Middle School (Amanda)
5-5:20 Gilmore High School (Beth) 5-5:20 Gilmore High School (Jason)
5:20-5:40 Palsaides High School (Danielle) 5:20-5:40 Lincolnshire High School (Jake H.)
5:40-6 Isabella S. Gardner Museum (Jaimeson) 5:40-6 Gilmore High School (Ali) Palsaides interviewers
Nov. 25

Continue Interviews: Role-play an employer from a specific curricular orientation and present your teaching and learning portfolio in a practice interview applying for an art teaching position.

In 310 Patterson In 403 Patterson
4:40-5 Lincolnshire High School (Jennifer) 4:40-5 Isabella S. Gardner Museum (Eva)
5-5:20 Lincolnshire High School (Heather) 5-5:20 Gilmore High School (Aaron)
5:20-5:40 Isabella S. Gardner Museum (Michal) 5:20-5:40 Philadelphia Middle School (Jake P.)
5:40-6 Gilmore High School (Becky)  
Dec. 2
Present selected learning focus to peers.
1. Casting (Heather & Danielle)
Kiln Casting
5. & 6. Performance Art (Becky & Aaron)
2. Firing an electric kiln (Beth) 7. DreamWeaver (Jason)
3. Pacing art lessons (Jeremy)  
4. Murals (Michal)
Dec. 9
Continue presentations of selected learning focus to peers.
8. Museum presentation strategies (Eva) 13. Mixing ceramic glazes (Amanda)
9. Artists, museums, residencies, mfa (Jennifer) 14. Jaimeson
10. Ceramics (Jake H.)  
11. Grantwriting (Ali)
12. Animation & Art (Jake P.)
Dec. 15

Portfolio due. Place in Karen Keifer-Boyd's mailbox at 207 Arts Cottage (which closes at 5 p.m. & closed between 12-1 p.m.), or in a box by her office door. Or email the URL if it is online.

Portfolios will be ready for you to pick up with comments and grade beginning on Dec. 22 and throughout the spring semester. If you need yours returned earlier let me know.