Gilmore High School
Prepared by Ali Gromcki, Jeremy Smith & Danielle Thomas, 10/28/03


Job Title: Visual Arts Teacher “Leave no Art Behind”


Description: Gilmore High School, Baltimore, MA Vis Arts Teacher



3 block periods per day with one prep period. Must be able to incorporate art history, and teach beginning classes as well as AP classes.



Edison visual arts teachers should demonstrate the qualities expected of the general academy teachers in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, classroom management, professional responsibilities, professional relationships, family involvement, and school community. Edison visual arts teachers should:

- understand and can implement a discipline-based art education approach including studio production, art history, criticism, and aesthetic valuing

- possess a basic understanding of drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking techniques and media

- understand processes and history of traditional craft techniques of a wide range of cultures

- develop cross-curricular units and intensives with house teachers and integrate the arts into the general curriculum

- use technology and multimedia tools to enhance and enrich the curriculum

- emphasize a process-based approach to visual arts instruction

For more information about teaching in an Edison school, follow the Tour for Teachers on our Web site.




1338 students 9-12th grades, 15% take art classes. General class size is 20-25 in all classes. Due to the Witness Relocation Program the previous vis arts teacher is unavailable.



Interviewer Profiles:


1. Mr. Grey is an outside consultant. No other information provided.


2. Ms. (Simone) Perez has been a Multicultural counselor in the Gilmore School District since 1997. She is interested in incorporating culture and diversity into the art program.


3. Dr. Nedd has been the principal of GHS since the school’s inception in 1968. She’s interested in traditional teaching methods, discipline and is also avid member of NKOTB club.


4. Mr. Bush is the ceramics instructor at GHS. He is concerned with techniques as well as incorporating concepts and ideas into work. Art is a direct extension of ourselves, and he lives in the woods.