Philadelphia, PA  Middle School

Prepared by Jake Price, Mandy Hummer and  Becky Mooney


Job Description: Philadelphia, PA  Middle School art teacher position, School District of Philadelphia


Certification in Art Education required.  Personal experience in a variety of studio art areas and new media preferred.  A background in adolescent psychology a plus.

Six periods per day.  Must be flexible and able to teach a plethora of general subjects as well as studio areas, depending on what is required by the students each semester.


Salary: starting $37,000 per year


Curriculum Orientation:  The districtÕs curriculum aligns with the Pennsylvania Standards for Art Education and also focuses its goals on helping students to express themselves creatively.  Studio skills and art history are valued in this goal.


Demographics: 3000 students all required to take art at this level.  Art 1 is covered in 6th grade, Art 2 consists of 7th grader students and Art 3 is the 8th grade requirement.  Three teachers cover the classes that each contains approximately 25-30 students.  Teachers are encouraged to take their classes in any direction they see fit as benefiting their students to the greatest extent. Therefore the knowledge of various studio and general areas is required.


Interviewer Profiles:

  1. Mr. Smith:  30 year veteran in the arts.  He likes to focus on techniques in art rather than creativity or content.  He evaluates his students on how well they master the techniques.
  2. Mrs. Lulu:  She has 5 years of art teaching experience at the middle school level.  Her focus is on self-expression and using other forms of unconventional art to express oneself.

  3. Mr. Hasselhoff:  He is the principal at the middle school and has been for ten years.  He enjoys seeing student work displayed in schools and feels that children should not only have fun with art, but also learn from their experience.  He also lifeguards during summer months.

  4. Ms. Kerbople: She is a 3-D design teacher at the middle school for 15 years.  She works with clay, wood, computer design programs, etc.