Computer Basics
PhotoShop Processes
Printing on Alternative Surfaces

How to Scan Images

Preparing Images for Web Pages

Web Site Basics
(DreamWeaver basics, Dreamweaver advanced) HTML basics
Basics on FLASH for animation and Web site Interactivity (Beyond basic animations with FLASH software)
Digital Video Editing with iMovie
Digital Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
How to Set Up Your Web Site So Search Engines Find It &
How to Copyright your Web site
How to Burn a CD-ROM

Site to compare costs and selection of scanners, digital cameras, etc.  

Search Engines

Web Site HotList  of art lessons, artists, museums, etc.

Click here for a search engine ( searches for graphics/pictures and displays the results as thumbnails. Other good search engines for artworks include: World Wide Web Art Resources; or an alphabetized listing of artists with images, info, and links; or resources and listing of sculptors
Places to download sounds site 1 or site 2 or sounds site 3 and backgrounds or animations, or other images  (use .wav format for sounds, and .gif or .jpeg for images). Be sure they are public domain to use in sites published online.

How to Capture & Cite Images from the Internet
    Capture screen shots of the Selected Site from the Internet: To take a picture of the whole monitor screen, use Apple, shift, 3 together. You will hear a camera click if your sound is turned up. Look on the HardDrive for "Picture 1." Open PhotoShop and crop the picture. Copy and paste the URL into a Word document to use in a reference list.
    Capture images from the Internet Site: To capture an Internet image, click on it and hold the mouse down until a menu appears. Then slide over with the mouse held down so that "save image to disk" is highlighted. Then let go of the mouse (unclick). Look at the top box to see where the image will be saved.Make sure it goes into you folder that you will know where to find it later.

    How to Cite the Source of Where You Got the Image

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