Research Article Critique Assignment—20% of the course grade: Due: 15 November 2012

Write three critiques, using appropriate "standards of adequacy" criteria, of published research.


Purpose: To critically read and evaluate published research.


Assignment: Select and critique 3 research articles. Check with me if you are unsure about your selections or have questions. Henry Pisciotta ( arts librarian is another resource to help you on an individual basis if you would like guidance on choosing articles that would be most helpful to your own research interests.


Standards: I have provided "Standards of Adequacy" as links so that you use them to critique your selection of 3 research articles comparing the study to what is expected for each type of study. Use these guidelines or standards to evaluate the research within the traditions of research in which each is located and conducted.


(link 1) an introduction on how to read research (read this first)


(link 2) how to read quantitative research


(link 3) standards of adequacy for true experimental designs, quasi-experimental designs, and single-subject designs


(link 4) standards of adequacy for descriptive research, correlational research, survey research, and ex post facto research


(link 5) standards of adequacy for a narrative literature review (use these criteria to critique a literature review chapter in a dissertation)


(link 6) standards of adequacy for qualitative designs--case studies


(link 7) standards of adequacy for ethnographic methodology


(link 8) credibility standards for analytical research such as historical and legal studies


(link 9) guidelines for a research proposal (these guidelines will be used to constructively critique your research proposal due on December 18, 2012)


Each link (also attached) has the type of research methodology written on the top and the page numbers from the McMillian, J. and Schumacher, S. (1997). Research in education: A conceptual introduction (4th edition) book so that you may refer to it for further clarification and definition of terms. There are copies in the Pattee Library stacks for check-out: 5th ed. (2001), 4th ed. (1997), 2nd ed. (1989).


Connections: You may chose articles that relate to your problem statement and/or that utilize the research methodologies that you are most interested. For example, you could select research articles that reported (1) survey findings, (2) policy analysis, and (3) a case study. For this, you would use: (a) link 4 with its 7 criteria listed for survey research; (b) link 8 in with its criteria for credibility for analytical research; and (c) link 6 on the standards of adequacy of a case study. Or you might choose three qualitative studies that use different theoretical frameworks, data collection processes, and different analysis strategies. You select the combination that is most useful to you.