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A ED 502 Assignment to Learn How to Conduct a Literature Review
Due 11/29/2012 (20% of course grade)

ASSIGNMENT: Conduct a search on a specific research problem—prepare an outline of a lit review chapter based on a problem statement, code your documentation from the search, and create Book Spine poetry from selected books


Step 1 - Select a research topic.

Step 2 - Limit topic to a research problem statement, which appears feasible to do in one study.

Step 3 - Identify constructs, variables & population (quantitative) or constructs, concepts & events (qualitative) & type of study as key words for a literature search.

Step 4 - Conduct a literature search keeping track of databases, years reviewed, key terms, & configurations that you used.

Step 5 – Submit the following 3 items to me by November 29, 2012 (See examples and further explanation at )

1. A rated bibliography (See example at but you do not need to follow the example, as you should rate in whatever way makes sense to you and is useful to you.)
2. A description of the search (i.e., databases & years searched with the number of hits found, keyterms applied, and boolean
configurations/limitations used )

3. An outline (like a table of contents) on how you plan to
organize the writing of the review. Include your problem statement above the outline of a literature review chapter.  You will NOT be writing the review in this course. The purpose is to learn how to organize and plan a literature review chapter based on your problem statement.