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Getting Started with Creating Your Blog for A ED 502

To back up your blog at the end of the semester click here for instructions how to do so.

For free software download from Penn State go to and on the Internet

You may create your blog with any blog hosting site of your choice.
Below are some of the blogs you may consider.

Penn State Blog

Learn how to create a Penn State Blog

How to use Penn State Blog to Create a Web site (example WebQuest)

Pros: You already have your Penn State account to create a blog, so no need to register for another one. Penn State blog not only provides a blog feature, you may also create your own Web site with the PSU Blog. Since all of your files and data are stored in your <www> folder in your Penn State account it is easy to use to create a professional portfolio, and easy to backup your files and transport them with you on a CD for offline viewing by employers. The files can be uploaded into other web editors since it these are html pages.

Cons: Limited design selection. Expires after graduating from Penn State

Pros: Easy setup and use. Many design selections. Keep it as long as you want.

Cons: Can only backup text but not images. Limited file space (3GB).

How to backup blog

Compare WordPress and Blogger Pros and Cons


Pros: Easy setup and use. Integrate with your Google account. Keep it as long as you want.

Cons: Not easy to backup. Limited file space (1GB).

Blogger account limitation

How to backup blogger blog

Compare WordPress and Blogger Pros and Cons


LiveJournal Pros and Cons

Other Blog hosting sites

Read the discussion about 10 best free blog hosting

Backing Up a Blog on a CD for Viewing Offline

Usually, a blog site provides an export tool to backup files for your blog. However, it doesn't backup the design of your site you. Typically, you can only backup the text and image files as separate documents but not with the site design. So it is no longer the same as what you see on your blog. There are alternative ways to backup your blog site and keep it the same as what it is online. This requires a third party software to download and copy the site locally.

Here are some free software you can consider for this use.

Httrack (for Windows and Linux)

SiteSucker (for Mac)

Link here are instructions on how to back up a blog.