Social Justice Activism through Feminist Arts-based Research: Agency and Transformative Identity Politics

Tuesday  >  12:30-14:00 (SE) - Seminar course

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Activism—helps people to see how an issue impacts them.  Feminist Arts-Based Research examples @


Topic Assignment



& Criteria

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Feminist Speculative Standpoint
(Boal’s Theatre Strategies)


Free-form journal response to class activities & readings completed during the class meeting.


Reading for jounal assignment to complete for 20 March: Fudge, R. (2006). Everything you always wanted to know about feminism but were afraid to ask. Bitch, 31, 58-67.
Following a Feminist Blog

Post in your blog three types of responses to a selected feminist blog that you follow throughout the course:

1— blog narrative response introduces to the selected feminist blog. Due 27 March.
2— blog critical thinking response in Following a Feminist Blog.
Due 17 April.

blog art response (e.g., performance, poetry, visual, music, installation, animation, machinima, film) Due 19 June.

Reading for Following a Feminist Blog assignment to complete for 24 April discussion: Fischer, C. (2010). Consciousness and conscience: Feminism, pragmatism and the potential for radical change. Studies in Social Justice, 4(1), 67-85. [access in Moodle]

Identity Politics Mapping
Select a product you use/wear/see—create a visual map that traces its social, environmental, & health performance. As needed provide a key code for the map. Due 15 May.
A Digital Cartographies Project in mapping women's lives  uses Google maps, video, and other media. It was created as a collaborative research project. This is a good example to consider ideas of mapping, video ethnography, and Feminist Standpoint Theory.

Reading for Identity Politics Mapping to complete for 8 May: Alexander, M. J., & Mohanty, C. (2010). Cartographies of knowledge and power: Transnational feminism as radical praxis. In A. L. Swarr & R. Nagar (Eds.), Critical transnational feminist praxis (pp. 23-45). Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. [access in Moodle]

Feminist Remix

1— Blog Consciousness-raising response (activity in class). Due 8 May.
2— Blog Systemic Personal as Political response. Due 22 May.
3— Blog Feminist Remix Due 12 June.  

Readings for Feminist Remix assignment:

Read for 5 June: Pérez, Ricardo F. Vivancos (2011). Marjorie Agosin's poetic of memory: Human rights, feminism, and literary forms. In Debra Bergoffen, Paula Ruth Gilbert, Tamara Harvey & Connie L. McNeely (Eds.), Confronting global gender justice: Women's lives, human rights (pp. 112-125). New York City, NY: Routledge. [access in Moodle]

Read for 12 June: He, M. F., & Phillon, J. (Eds.). (2008). Personal~passionate~participatory inquiry into social justice in education (pp. 267-273). Charolette, NC: Information Age Publishing. [access in Moodle]


Translate-ability: Listening to what we hear


Sense-ability: Dynamising Senses; Memory of the Senses




Response-ability: Image Theatre

The Gift Economy


Select from one of these Feminist Blogs:

Resources for Identity Politics Mapping:

Strategic Learning Goals:
  • Move from saying that’s “your issue” to its “our issue.”
  • Go outside your comfort zone to learn about struggles of others.
  • Learn something that is different from what you grew up learning.
Resources for Creating a Feminist Remix: