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Cyberfeminist House: (In)Forming Feminist Collaborations

As CYBERFEMINIST HOUSE founder, I am currently pursuing research that concerns the nature of collaborative ventures in constructing virtual feminist spaces as a pedagogical approach in web-based arts education.

CyberHouse, a computer game that I am developing in collaboration with a programmers and animators, will provide a Web-learning environment to explore perception, production, and dissemination of images as cultural practices of inclusion and exclusion from power and privilege. It will provide a learning environment to investigate how subjects’ positions in society are constructed by conventional expectations informed by pervasive visual culture. There are two main areas of development: (a) the database design to enable immersion and interactivity of virtual identities, and (b) the virtual space and its objects.

Email Karen Keifer-Boyd if you would like to participate in the collaborative process of constructing CYBERHOUSE.