ART EDUCATION participation






Pedagogical Precursors for CyberHouse

Karen Keifer-Boyd has addressed the educational challenge of exposing ideology in images and guiding students to examine their interpretations of visual culture; and to participate in shaping visual culture with their creations by:

(a) creating a web-based multivocal art criticism program to stimulate the examination of images from diverse perspectives.

(b) teaching students to create socially responsive visual culture WebQuests is an inquiry-oriented activity in which learners construct knowledge through interacting with, evaluating, and connecting diverse, and sometimes contradictory, resources on the Internet in order to form new insights that they share in a tangible form intended to make a difference in the world.

(c) leading students to create virtual rooms and role-play in those spaces with each other to critique existing spaces from multiple perspectives.

(d) facilitating students’ expression to change a disempowering situation into an empowering one.

Keifer-Boyd has helped faculty members at other institutions to handle the challenge of critiquing and creating visual culture by serving as consultant to institutions in the USA, Hong Kong, Finland, South Korea, and Taiwan. She consults on ways to integrate technology in art education to increase computer literacy, digital expression, and social awareness through collaboration within a Web environment.