Judy Chicago & Donald Woodman, At Home: A Kentucky Project (2001)

Judy Chicago, Womanhouse, 1971

Pepón Osorio, Tina's House in Home Visits

Andrea Zittel's Pocket Property

Rachel Whitehead's Concrete House

John Di Stefano's (10/24/2001): HUB video

Louise Bourgeois' Femme-Maisons

Cyberfeminist House Collaborators' Process Journals (2001)

Premiere Global
Open House
Dec. 5, 2001
7:30 p.m. CT

What friends call their house
"Reconstruct" video


L & L Bar & Ranch

Panoramic Technology

Karen Keifer-Boyd's Cyberfeminist House Process Journal


Process Calendar:

5/19/2000: Parallel Project Grant Proposal

4/2001: "I'll build you a house"

5/2001: Concept Sharing with Architect Professor, Glenn Hill

8/2001: Developed a Course Plan

9/2001: First House Diagram had a "Master" Bedroom and Vagina Entry ( Design 1)

9/2001: Revised House with No Master, No Hierarchy & Entry Added into the Head and Exit from Vagina (scroll to Design 2)

10/17/2001: Collaboration Defined by Group

10/2001: Reconnect to Jane Olmstead in Women's Studies at U . of Kentucky about progress on Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman's house and documentation in Kentucky with Jane's students.

11/7/2001: First Critiques of Students' Room Concepts

11/27/01 Critique of Lan, Lin-Lang's Room in the Cyberfeminist House

11/27/01 Critique of Lin,Po-Hsien's Room in the Cyberfeminist House

12/06/01: Global Open House

3/6-8/02: Visited Bowling Green, Kentucky to see the Judy Chicago & Donald Woodman At Home: A Kentucky Project & to interview twelve of the artists/creators about the collaborative process and their perceptions of feminist pedagogy.

7/3/02 Held conference call planning session with Nat Bobbitt in Oregon, Madis Pihlak and myself in Pennsylvania, & Glenn Hill in Texas.

7/24/02: Perform "CyberFeminist House: (In) Forming Collaborators at The Third Wave Feminism International Conference in Exeter, United Kingdom


master bedroom


feminine mystique





A Letter from Faith Wilding on her participation in Womanhouse (1971-72) & on collaborations