1. Go to My Turning Point and find an example of a turning point in one's life that you can speculate has to do with one of the isms. Write a response in ANGEL in the "Content" section (Isms-Turning Point discussion) that discusses how one of the isms is involved in the turning point of the life story you have selected.

2. Some new media art involves changing existing Web sites such as by Ka-Ping Yee (2005). In this case the art is in the development of computer code and in what those who use the code do to existing texts. The code reverses gender pronouns and other gendered terms on any Web site that one enters in the search engine, thus calling attention to socially constructed gendered perspectives in the English language. Go to and enter a URL of a Web site that you often visit. Write a response in ANGEL in the "Content" section (Isms-Regender discussion) in which you reflect on if and how the regendering of the text changes the meaning of the text.


  3. The following Isms activity will help you create transformative power and practice critical and creative thinking. First consider a personal or social injustice that you feel needs to be addressed and changed in some way. What are some factors that need to be taken into account to guide decisions and plan a strategy for change.

Develop a question from a meaningful societal or personal issue.
Consider extenuating factors prior to seeking solutions.
Create an arpillera that presents a position and possibly a solution.

Convincingly write your view and another's view on the issue.
Self-evaluate whether you could see the issue from more than one perspective.
Record the responses in the Multicultural Competency Certificate ANGEL site (Content, Isms-Injustice)