Power & Privilege

1. Create self-icons to enter

After exploring CyberHouse, go to the Multicultural Competency Certificate ANGEL site (Content area, Power & Privilege thread) and write your responses to the questions below:

1. Why did you represent yourself in the way that you did with your self-icon?
2. What issues of power and privilege did you find in your exploration?
3. What kind of power did you

It is often in our casualness that much is revealed about ourselves to ourselves--if we pay attention/reflect upon our spontaneous, first impulses. Your choices do say something about you. It is an honest reflection when it is not preconceived.

Then read at least 5 others' responses in the Power & Privilege thread in ANGEL and write a reply to one response in which you feel sharing your experience will provide another way to look at the issue of power & privilege expressed in the post.
2. Expose, Explode, Empower: Power Codes in Images
  3. Consider three different ideological positions concerning power (i.e., domination, consensual, and transformative power types) in advertising.