4” Binding Unbound Site Description

February 2006 at the
University of Central Florida


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February 2006 at the
University of Central Florida in Orlando

Dr. Kristin G. Congdon, professor of film and philosophy and director of the Cultural Heritage Alliance at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, had three graduate students coordinate the exhibition and creative process of adding to 4” Binding Unbound. Students came from all over campus to look at the book, make comments, add to the pages, and create their own. One evening the graduate class in Applied Contemporary Humanities gathered to make new pages. The project challenged participants to rethink the ways in which we approach art and gallery settings. While the project was housed in the UCF Library’s Special Collections, it became clear that no appropriate place on campus was available for the kind of questioning the project raised. Because of this recognized need for a new space, students joined faculty to lobby for a Humanities Center on campus, which is now well on its way to becoming a reality.  

Sponsors of the project include The Pennsylvania State University School of Visual Arts, the SoVA Art Education Program, and the College of Arts and Architecture Research and Graduate Studies