ART 4308: Art Theory and Criticism (Dr. Michelle Kraft) • Fall 2005
Final Exam Project: Art Theory in Practice
Objective:  Having explored various aesthetic theories—including, but not limited to, Marxist, Feminist/Gender, Environmental Aesthetic, and Technology/Virtual Reality Aesthetic theories as they affect visual art,-- within the context of the 4” Binding Unbound project, students will use one or more of these theories to reinterpret and create art. In doing so, students will exhibit an understanding of these theories, both through interpretation/criticism of selected art examples and through self-critical exploration in the creation of a folio page that responds with/to the basic themes of 4” Binding Unbound. These pieces will be displayed in an exhibition event that includes participants from outside the Art Theory and Criticism class.
The Artwork: Students will work create individual pieces (but these may include some amount of collaboration) to create a work that addresses themes of constructed learning that are found in 4” Binding. These pieces will be two-dimensional in nature and formatted according the the book format of 18”x24”. The goals of the piece are to: a) create a work of art that examines and responds to the concept of constructed learning in 4” Binding Unbound, b) to display an understanding of aesthetic theory by putting it into practice in the creation of a work of visual art, and c) to respond to the art, both verbally and in writing through on-site dialogue with participants and written reflections by artists.
The Event:  As the final step for the final exam project, students will hold an event/exhibition. Students will begin hanging the exhibition during class on Tuesday, November 29; the exhibition must be completed by Thursday, December 1, at noon. The art opening event will be held during class time on December 1. To this event, students must personally invite one participant; these participants will be assigned "find cards" that will provide them questions to answer or specific activities in reference to a work of art. The participants will react to the inviter's work, as well as to other works in the exhibit. Using these find cards and their experiences with the works and past personal experiences, participants will react to the art through an in-gallery discussion.
Preparation: Some class time will be devoted to planning for the final exam project.
Written Responses: Students will complete written reflections in response to the project/event as it relates to aesthetic theory and 4” Binding.