Let it Be (collage with Abbey Road imagery)
Blake's reflection on her 4" Binding Unbound book page

Blake writes:

“The theory behind my project was nature. I used my perception of the world, and how the things of this world are destroying nature. I was surfing on the Internet one day and saw the Abbey Road album cover of the Beatles. I began thinking [about] how I could use this image in my project. The thought occurred to me that I could replace the Beatles with people of high rank in the business world. I would have them walk toward nature and make the viewer think that are taking over nature. I came to the realization that I needed them to walk out of their world, across Abbey Road, and over to nature. My project represents my view of the business world taking over nature.

            “. . . One guest [at the exhibit] mentioned an interpretation I had not thought about. I had a church behind almost all the buildings. He wanted to know if the business world was also destroying the religious world as well. I thought that was a very good comment.”