Object (Grande Odalisque and meat in box)
Chelsie's reflection on her 4" Binding Unbound book page

Chelsie writes:

“With my final project, I chose the Feminist Theory to examine in depth. While I admittedly do not consider myself a feminist, I found the project both interesting and informative. Feminism is a broad and complicated topic. Thus, in order to not take on a project too lofty for a beginning feminist, I chose to focus my project on the concept of the objectified female. . .

“After viewing my completed feminist work for the first time, I realized that I related to it with a specific instance in my life. When I was just a sixteen-year-old girl, I had a very uncomfortable sexual encounter with my married boss, a man twice my age. The forceful encounter took place in a metal storage freezer. In the end, I found this experience eerily similar to the project that my subconscious directed me to create.

“. . . I felt that the work allowed for a large amount of audience participation both on physical and emotional levels. In large part, due to the help of my husband, the audience had the opportunity to physically participate with my piece by sliding in the ‘male gaze’ screen and thus changing the work. This sliding extension of my work served not only to allow viewers to change my piece but also to help clarify the true meaning of the work."