Feminism? (paper doll piece)
Dara's reflection on her 4" Binding Unbound book page

Dara writes:

“The idea of women’s identities and how women are viewed today is the main reason I chose to use paper dolls in my piece. I feel that the world we live in today still seeks to use and abuse women. That woman is viewed only as objects [sic], possessions and humans that are only identified by the society that they live in. Women artists even today struggle to be known as much as their male counterparts. This is a struggle that has gone on for centuries . . . I feel that giving using [sic] paper dolls helped represent this idea. Women do not have faces or identities until they are given one by the cultures they live in or the people in their lives around them. The paper dolls [do] not have identities or faces until the maker gives them one. They have to be colored, given faces and clothed before they become human. . . I feel the creation of my piece did give me a better look and a more in depth reason to study the theory of feminism. . . This study did help me to evaluate the ideas behind feminism in a different way and has lead me to look further into using this idea in the creation of more pieces addressing this theory.”