Lauren's reflection on her 4" Binding Unbound book page

Dr. Kraft describes: (collage piece with images of women and mirror in the center)

Lauren writes: “I decided to create a work of art that shows the differences between truth and beauty. I wanted to use images of ideal beauties that most people believe to be beautiful. These beauties live in the magazines that tell young women who is beautiful and who is not. The problem is that these beauties are airbrushed; they have had plastic surgery; they, as well as plenty of others (professional hair dressers, makeup artists, etc.), go to great lengths to make sure that the beauties look their best. But these women all seem to have one problem: their personalities do not seem to match their outer beauty. So, I cut out the images of the ideal women from magazines and pasted them on one side of a mirror. The other side I filled with images of girls who had no retouching or plastic surgery done and do not always go to great lengths to make sure they are ‘perfect.’ These girls have an inner beauty that either does or does not reflect on the perfection of their genetic facial makeup, but instead reflects in their personalities and smiles. So, I found pictures of these real girls from my personal album and cut them up to paste them on the left side of the mirror, opposing the ideal girls. I left a triangle in the middle of the mirror for the viewer to decide where he or she wants his or her face to be: on the ‘real’ side or the ‘ideal’ side. . . On the left and right sides of the piece I place framed quotes that discussed beauty, personality, plastic surgery, and first impressions. I entitled the piece Reflections, because society reflects people, people reflect personalities, personalities reflect people, people reflect society, and mirrors reflect images of people reflecting personalities reflecting society.

“. . . Since young women get all sorts of information from the media telling them what is beautiful, I wanted to show them different characteristics that make them beautiful. Beauty should come from having a good heart and a reflected smile that shows confidence in the Supreme Being. Beauty is not having perfect symmetry and age-defying skin.”