Wither is God?
(with trees and Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam
Tim's reflection on her 4" Binding Unbound book page

Tim writes:

“I thought that a popular or common image might be the best choice for the centermost image of the print. The most significant design I implicated was taking images out of context, but not taking away from their meaning. For example, taking a religious image and utilizing it to comment on epistemology. . . My own theory is what many people seem to tout as a rational downfall, but it is very much necessary for understanding the ways of the world: “To each his own.” Art is all things. I see that art is thought, and thought is art. Aesthetics is parallel to ethics, it will be unique to each individual, and it is accepting of each individual; however, there still remains a guide, or scale. . .

            “We find ourselves with truth. Truth comes from vague undefined areas. We find it, because it, the truth, becomes a part of us, as to know and coexist as one, simultaneously. We find truth as what? Textbook answers through resolve? If we are to make Truth the formulaic extension of a sum, we would overlook its presence in the midst of algebraic calculation. So let us resort to truth and find that it is both in us, about us, and through us. It is.”