4” Binding Unbound Site Description

OCTOBER 15–NOVEMBER 21, 2005: University of Alberta

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October 15 –November 21, 2005 at
University of Alberta.
Coordinated by Dr. Mike Emme

4" Binding Unbound was exhibited at the Canadian Society for Education Through Art's conference held at the University of Alberta. The theme of the conference was arts-based research. 4" Binding Unbound is an example of arts-based research.

Part of the fun of this project is the combination of permission and constraint that the box creates. Definitely a Brechtian moment. If it is important to identify works' origins. The pieces that we added include all of the small works (both the ones joined together on fabric and the two loose pieces), and the "auto•bio•ethno•gothic" piece. I also found it fun to try to figure out which pieces seemed 'original'. There was a definite sense that some pieces carried more authority than others. (again, a useful critical moment). We did not alter any of the original pieces, though I understood that as part of the invitation. (The sacred elements: the directions, the gloves and the box in particular, made it hard to imagine intruding onto the original pages.)

Dr. Mike J. Emme, Department of Elementary Education,
Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sponsors of the project include The Pennsylvania State University School of Visual Arts, the SoVA Art Education Program, and the College of Arts and Architecture Research and Graduate Studies