University of Wisconsin
in Milwaukee

Jane Berenz (April 20,2006)
graphic art, 8.5"x11"

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Coordinated by Professor Kim Schwartzhoff
Peck School of the Arts, Visual Art Department

In May 2006, Professor Kim Schwartzhoff in the Visual Art Department at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts discussed the postmodern "call and response" with her students and asked them to respond in text and image to the pages displayed on the Web and sent to her classroom. About thirty artworks were created with accompanying statements, which are presented on this Web page. In addition, art teacher Dean Graff and UWM student teacher Jane Power’s eighth grade art class at Morse Middle School contributed pages to the traveling 4” Binding Unbound book.

\Melissa Hinkle, April 2006
Graphic Arts-Photoshop, 8.5" x 11"


Mandy Mahaffey
photoshop collage • 8x10 • 4-20-06

The page that I have created explores the relocation of self and defining ones self based on where you live and what feels like home. This can be misguiding based on the thought that it isn't where you live that makes a place feel like home, its the people that you surround yourself with. For me, moving from the country into a large city, the city offers a buzz of energy, making me feel at home. At the same time, it can be very lonely because some very important people in my life to me do not live here with me.


Kendra Youren, April 20. 2006
Dumb Blonde
pen and crayon, Photoshop, 8"x11"

Do blonde's really have more fun? Or are they assumed to be dumb just based on the color their hair? I'm an intelligent young woman who is blonde and have often been assumed to be stupid based on the color of my hair. This is a misinformation based on appearance that I continually have to battle.


Emily Neevel, April 18, 2006
Scanned negative and straight photos, collaged in Photoshop, 7.11"x11"

we had our time together,
it ended all too soon

and all that i can hope for
is courage to stand alone


Mike Driscoll
Digital Collage (4/14/06)

REVOLT! is a reaction to the lack of responsibility that americans take apon themselves in today's society and government which is slowly slipping into corruption. The visual imagery and words are a loose representation of an essay entitled, "Resistance to Civil Government" By Henry David Thoreau. You can find a copy of it here;

Karin Davis
mixed media • 8.5" x 11" • 4/25/2006
My page is about writing one's way to understanding.

Shari Simon
My collage was formed with different images that I have created through sketch work and through photography. I have always been most successful in art created intuitively and without premeditation. This piece represents imagery from my past and present. I have used oil pastels to match colors and shapes for a sense of unity in my piece.


Michael Styles, April 20, 2006
Inside View
Digital Photo, Photoshop/Illustrator Manipulation, 8.5" x 11"

This work contains is a sample of the 3d work that I create. It is unusual for me to work digitally as most of my work is 3d. Given this background this abstract work explores just that, my conflict in rendering my 3d work in a 2d setting. Although very abstracted this work still reflects the line, shape, and form qualities i strive for in 3d art, along with color manipulation that is unique to the digital art programs. These combinations give the viewer an inside look into my my works.


Melissa A. Hunt


-Melissa Liebl-
Nicht Graust

This page was designed with the intention of showing it to my family members. Most of my work tends to be creepy and morbid and my Mom in particular has issues with that. She always says to me, "I wish for once you would make something that isn't creepy." She won't tell me directly, but I think that my work embarrasses her. She looked at my image in approval, calling it pretty and serene. She felt comfortable with showing people her daughter's work. She asked what the text says, and she wanted to know where the statue was that I photographed. I didn't tell her because I wanted her to think that I finally did something that wasn't creepy or morbid. The truth is, I took the photograph at a cemetery, and the text, from German to English translates to: I wish for once you would make something that isn't creepy.

Ignorance is bliss, and I'm a smartass.




Jeff Hinnendael4-22-2006
Occupational Confusion
6"x9", photo collage with photoshop

This piece was done using photos I took of myself and a photo of a street behind me. I am standing next to a couple instruments that I play and they are blown up to be the same height as me. The background is a street background meant to look like the abbey road album cover. I wrote "I am an art teacher" above all of this stuff to start the confusion between being a musician and an artist. I also put X's over my face to sort of hide my true identity. I also used the liquify tool in photoshop to distort the image a
little bit more, this adds to the confusion of the piece. This piece is all about labeling people by their occupation. Art teachers are a certain way, musicians are a certain way, artists are a certain way, and so on. This piece is kind of questioning why people get categorized into these occupational nitches. I am not like most of the art teachers I know and I am trying to talk about that also in this piece. It is about being an individual, no matter what you do for a living.


Julia Kopp 4.20.2006
systems in classifications
width 10.931inches • height 8.389inches
72 dpi • media: collage

The word i used for inspiration was 'categorization.' the word takes on many meanings for me. my obsession involves putting items into categories and seeing if they can fit into more than one. my art work in general involves an obsessive gathering of objects to include in my comparisons between categories.


Sara J. Kirchberg, April 19, 2006
Graphic Arts Photoshop, 8.5" x 11"


Mira Rychner, April 20, 2006
monotype, pen, photoshop, 7.5"x11"

A moment within my investigations of what it means to communicate outside the
spectacle and in abandon of heirarchies.


Katie Feyereisen, April 20, 2006
How I Undertand Not To Understand
Magazine clippings and Sharpie marker
8.5" x 12"

I used the phrase "I understand, I don't understand" as a jumping off point. This is a mind boggling statement because you can think of it in a different form than just the words used. To understand that you don't understand is


Jackie Beltz, April 2006
Fancy Shoes ( mixed media collage, 8.5"x11"

Lindsey Price, April 20, 2006
Digital Photography & Photoshop, 5" by 5

Have you ever felt lonely in your life? Have you ever wished someone was there that used to be and isn't anymore? This piece is a self reflection on a time when I felt lonely and wish I had the person there who used to be, but isn't

Victoria Hawkinson, April 2006
Get Home
collage of black and white photographs taken by Hawkinson, 8.5"x11"

Emily Schmitt, April 20, 2006
Digital Imag, 8.5"x11"

This piece reflects the stereotypes of Wisconsin, which I've lived with for a long time. People that I've met who are not from the United States, or even from the Midwest always ask the same questions... "Do you have cows in your backyard? Do they really drink beer all the time?" I for one am tired of these ridiculous questions and thought it'd be fitting to say something about it.


Angela Hayes, April 20, 2006
Past, Present, Future
mixed media, 8.5"x11"

This collage visually represents the identities I have from my
past, present and future. I am a daughter, as well as the mother of daughters. I will have these identities today and forever.


Kimmy Sue Krause-Jackson


Reba Siebers, April 21, 2006
I Know?
9.75'' X 9''

My piece, "I know?" reflects how I misinform myself. It displays how my mind makes me believe that I am the person I want to be not the person that I am. My poem questions what is real and how I feel inside. If you read between what I am and act like, you can see the insecurity I know is there... but I dont want to be.


Allison S. Weiss, April 2006
Untitled Digital Photograph

Sponsors of the project include The Pennsylvania State University School of Visual Arts, the SoVA Art Education Program, and the College of Arts and Architecture Research and Graduate Studies