As the 4” Binding Unbound project continues as a living and interactive process, we recognize that there are many voices yet to be heard. Bound in a book box for traveling interactive exhibition, the book does not represent a static body of knowledge. Each contribution captures thoughts and ideas from specific moments in time as a continuation of an unending dialogue. The existing pages are part of a dynamic conversation that will encompass many views, many understandings, and many voices as we invite readers to join the conversation by contributing to the book in any meaningful manner, whether in beginning a new page or in continuing a page that has already begun.

It is our hope that 4” Binding Unbound will more accurately reflect the living and interactive conversation by which understanding is constructed. The process that began through interaction, learning, and revision in a collaborative classroom continues in book form in a more public process of revision, rethinking, and reframing of understanding. Every mark on a page, every new page, every interaction with the book is a moving force drawing all contributors toward and into new ways of knowing.

We invite you, the reader, to interact with us, to add your own images or comments to spaces on the page, to mar the “sacred book” with the “graffiti” of your thoughts. This is only the beginning. What will your voice image?

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