We thank Jean Sanders, Associate Professor of Art at Penn State's School of Visual Art, for guiding us on how to construct the book box, and for her generosity in giving her time and in providing resources.

Those who constructed the book box include: Michelle Tillander, lead in the project, with assistance by Emily Baxter, Wei-Chung Chang, Chiu-Jhin (Tina) Chen, Karen Keifer-Boyd, & Maryellen Murphy.

Wei-Chung Chang designed the insert pages and Maryellen Murphy printed these large pages.

Chiu-Jhin Chen painted the cover title.

Update 9-2-05

Boards are cut with help from Steve and Will today. We will glue cloth Saturday1:30.

Update will follow to see about Sunday hours for more gluing. Next piece is tricky and I want to see if I can work from the model to understand.


Update 9-3-05

It went well today as Wei and Maryellen helped glue the box outside...brown linen. Very productive with extra hands, Wei helped get it all square. We measured and cut all the 'shelf' parts and will glue them tomorrow gold.


Update 9-4-05

Emily, Tina, Wei, and Maryellen completed the cover today and assembled the side for the inner boxes.

Monday at 10AM: we will meet again to complete inner box and attach to outside cover. I think we might try to spread out into a classroom /sculpture across the hall to give us room to move around tomorrow. The glue binds very quickly and it seems OK to move to drying location.


Update 9-5-05..ALMOST FINISHED...

Wei, Emily, MaryEllen, Tina, and I assembled the shelves and began final assembly today between 10 and 1PM.

Emily also picked up some gold leaf paint and marker and glue form Michaels. We discussed briefly some options but did not come to a consensus. Wei was going to try a title arrangement and see how it might look. MAybe some continued conversation could be completed this weekend...

It was again a lot of fun today. Very difficult with all the parts that needed to be a 90' angles. With everyone's help and many hands we competed this in record time.


Update 9-8-05 FINISHED.

Tina picked up the box from the Zoller office today, two practice boards, and Wei's sized type layout and will put the title onto the cover. We took a quick trip to Michael's to look at some paint choices as she felt the metalic gold would be a bit dark on the brown. She has selected several golds to try.I trust
her judgment on the color as she knows her paints.....

She said that this would be very relaxing for her to do and hopes to finish within the next day or so.