4” Binding Unbound Travel Schedule • Fall 2005 - Fall 2008

Contact Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd to schedule 4" Binding Unbound to travel to your site.

Each site integrates the project into its curriculum in different ways and documents the process, as well as adds pages to the book. Not only is the project traveling in its physical form to many different institutions, but it is also viewed (and contributed to) in cyberspace at this site.

SEPTEMBER 20 - OCTOBER 10, 2005: Lubbock Christian University in Texas. Dr. Michelle Kraft, associate professor of art education in the Department of Communication and Fine Arts at Lubbock Christian University, was the first to receive the book for her art theory and criticism course. Students created their own pages for the book for their final exam project and displayed their pages in an exhibition.

OCTOBER 15–NOVEMBER 21, 2005: University of Alberta. Dr. Michael J. Emme, associate professor of art education, exhibited 4" Binding Unbound at the Canadian Society for Education Through Art's conference held at the University of Alberta. The theme of the conference was arts-based research. His class contributed a folding cloth page with smaller images sewn on it.

NOVEMBER 28–DECEMBER 10, 2005: University of New Mexico. Dr. Nancy Pauly, assistant professor of art education at the University of New Mexico,  coordinated an exhibition of the book at the University of New Mexico Art Education Gallery. She said, “We offered cards and a pen to viewers to respond to the artists' works. Our students wrote reflections on the cards. We then placed the cards in plastic envelopes so the other students could see what had been previously written. We offered two tables with large pieces of watercolor paper and a variety of markers for individuals or groups to work on visual reflections. Several classes from the Art Education Program and the College of Education visited the exhibit during the opening and afterward, such as a class studying social studies education.”

FEBRUARY 2006: University of Central Florida. Dr. Kristin Congdon, professor of film and philosophy and director of the Cultural Heritage Alliance Center for Research in Education, Art, Technology and Entertainment at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, had three graduate students coordinate an exhibition and creative process of adding to 4” Binding Unbound.  Students came from all over campus to look at the book, make comments, add to the pages, and create their own. One evening the graduate class in Applied Contemporary Humanities gathered to make new pages. The project challenged participants to rethink the ways in which we approach art and gallery settings. While the project was housed in the UCF Library’s Special Collections, it became clear that no appropriate place on campus was available for the kind of questioning the project raised. Because of this recognized need for a new space, students joined faculty to lobby for a Humanities Center on campus, which is now well on its way to becoming a reality.

MARCH 6 –APRIL 27, 2006: Appalachian State University. Dr. Gayle Marie Weitz, professor of art education and Community Art School Coordinator, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts in the Art Department at Wey Hall in Boone, North Carolina, integrated the book in teaching an art education course. She asked students in her course to create pages for the book that “commented on who they are as teachers; where did who-they-are come from, and how will who-they-are affect their students.”

MAY 2006: University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Kim Schwartzhoff, instructor of art education at the Visual Art Department in the Peck School of the Arts, discussed the postmodern "call and response" with her students and asked them to respond in text and image to the pages displayed on the Web and sent to her classroom. About thirty artworks were created with accompanying statements such as: “The page that I have created explores the relocation of self and defining one’s self based on where you live and what feels like home.” In addition, art teacher Dean Graff and UWM student teacher Jane Power’s eighth grade art class at Morse Middle School contributed pages to the traveling 4” Binding Unbound book.

SPRING 2007: University of Florida in Gainesville. Michelle Tillander, assistant professor of art education in the School of Art & Art History at the Unversity of Florida, has facilitated an inquiry process regarding identity and guided students to create pages for the book.

FALL 2008: The Goodstein Art Gallery, Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. Dr. Valerie Eggemeyer, assistant professor of art education and gallery director, is planning to exhibit the book in the Goodstein Art Gallery.

Sponsors of the project include The Pennsylvania State University School of Visual Arts, the SoVA Art Education Program, and the College of Arts and Architecture Research and Graduate Studies